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Treat and Prevent Early Trauma

The events involved in our conception, prenatal life, birth and postpartum period have lasting, life-long effects for babies and caregivers that can support our growth and development but also hinder it.

Somatic therapy based in pre and perinatal psychology creates a strong, empowered foundation between the prenate and parents before birth and can resolve any traumas or stress that occurred during or after birth.

Supporting Healthy Attachment and Bonding

Traumas or stressors that occur during conception, prenatally, during birth or in the postpartum period can affect a baby’s attachment with their parents and a parent’s bonding with their baby.

Our early experiences with our caregivers teach us about the world and relationships. This creates the foundation of our attachment styles.

Attachment styles can be avoidant, anxious, ambivalent, disorganized or secure. Secure attachment styles are linked to increased likelihood of physical and emotional health throughout life.

Attachment traumas can be healed at any stage of life, but it is of utmost importance to cultivate secure attachment from the beginning.

Educating and Supporting families from preconception through postpartum

At Flourish, we work with individuals and couples planning to have a baby prior to as well as after conception. Conscious conception classes help parents prepare themselves through building stronger secure attachment within themselves and in their relationship as well as reflecting on and resolving their own birth and childhood experiences. Couples and birthing people can also work on consciously connecting with and inviting their precious child into their family.

Somatic work during pregnancy building awareness and connection between baby and parents. Babies can feel and are aware during the prenatal period and it is essential for healthy, secure attachment to connect with your baby during this time.

Support during and after birth helps to treat and prevent any stress or trauma that may have occurred during birth. We also work on empowering couples through birth education and how to have a voice and choice during the birth and postpartum process.

Addressing Early Childhood Trauma for a healthy life

We carry within us moments of unresolved stress and trauma from the very beginning of life. These can be moments of feeling like we don’t belong, like we are unwanted or not seen and understood, or even moments when we had great anger or sadness that went unexpressed and unacknowledged.

The effects of these unresolved traumas appear in our relationships, in our ability to navigate the world, and in our ability to manage our thoughts and emotions. Often, we also see effects in the physical body with chronic tension, pain, misalignment's, and disease.

Because these are all stored in our bodies right now, we can successfully connect with them and work to resolve them through somatic therapy.

Explore ALL of our services

Embark on a transformative journey to holistic well-being with our array of specialized services, ranging from somatic bodywork and yoga therapy to birth trauma resolution, grief support, and empowering workshops, tailored to meet each individual’s unique path to healing and resolution of their early trauma.


Somatic Bodywork:

Transformative bodywork that fosters healing, self-awareness, and empowerment, addressing physical and emotional imbalances that come from early trauma.


Yoga Therapy:

Holistic wellness through personalized sessions, incorporating a trauma-informed approach to meditation, pelvic floor yoga therapy, prenatal and postnatal yoga, mom and baby yoga, and resolution of developmental trauma.


Somatic Experiencing/DARe:

Guided trauma resolution and self-regulation techniques to alleviate chronic pain, anxiety, and early trauma. Session can be on or off the table and with or without touch.


Safe and Sound Protocol:

A integrative listening system designed to bring regulation and safety into the nervous system. SSP sessions include self-regulation exercises and Somatic Experiencing.

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Specialized therapy center offer

We curate a sanctuary for transformative healing. Our specialized therapy center offers many different somatic therapies, ancient yoga practices, and over two decades of expertise to offer personalized services ranging from trauma-informed bodywork and yoga therapy to early trauma resolution, grief support, and empowering classes workshops, guiding you on a unique journey toward holistic trauma healing.


Somatic Experiencing

Guided trauma resolution and self-regulation techniques to alleviate chronic pain, anxiety, and foster overall peace.

Starting From $130

Safe and Sound Protocol

A listening system designed to increase vagal tone, promoting a sense of safety and resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

Starting From $130

Birth Trauma Resolution

Specialized approaches, including bodywork, Somatic Experiencing, and the Safe and Sound Protocol, to address and heal birth-related traumas.

Starting From $130

Grief and Loss Support

Compassionate care for those navigating miscarriage, stillbirth, IVF loss, and transgenerational loss.

Starting From $130

Pre and Perinatal Care

Comprehensive support for the entire perinatal journey, from preconception to postnatal, emphasizing physical and emotional well-being.

Starting From $130

Conscious Conception, Birth, and Parenting

Guidance and support for individuals and couples seeking conscious and empowered experiences in conception, birth, and parenting

Starting From $130


Empowering classes covering birth and parenting, yoga, and support groups, fostering community and knowledge sharing.

Starting From $130

Bodywork for Babies

Gentle and nurturing bodywork for infants, promoting overall well-being and supporting healthy development.

Starting From $70

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Immensely Grateful

I am immensely grateful for Lakshmi’s guidance. She’s helped guide my 5-year-old through complex emotions and behavioral challenges stemming from her father’s car accident. Lakshmi’s teachings on the importance of pausing and expressing emotions with tact have not only benefited my daughter but have also been invaluable to me. Meeting Lakshmi has truly been a… Read more “Immensely Grateful”

November 27, 2023

attentive pre- and perinatal care

Over the years, Lakshmi has provided attentive pre- and perinatal care to me and my (4!) babies. She has an amazing grasp about how to apply massage, yoga and other healing modalities. Whatever issue I bring to her, she advises practically, with confidence and tenderness. She has helped me with many issues, including pubic symphysis… Read more “attentive pre- and perinatal care”

November 26, 2023

pregnancy and birth

My second pregnancy and birth were very different from my first, in large part thanks to Lakshmi’s care and wisdom. Lakshmi taught me many little adjustments and modifications to my day-to-day life that vastly reduced my pubic symphysis pain. Massage and craniosacral therapy from the second trimester up until birth were incredibly therapeutic in terms… Read more “pregnancy and birth”

November 20, 2023
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